E Street Cinema validates parking for the garage located on 11th, or street parking is free after 10 pm if you're lucky enough to get a space. The theatre is also walking distance from Gallery Place-Chinatown and Metro Center, so you can access all five lines on Metro. Metro runs later on the nights of our shows

For the record, we normally finish our shows around 2:30 AM.

The last Red, Orange, and Blue Line trains in all directions, all leave Metro Center at 3:06 AM.

The last Red Line train headed towards Glenmont leaves Gallery Place at 3:08 AM (there's a chance it could arrive at 3:07, though, since it's next to Metro Center) The last Red Line train to Shady Grove leaves Gallery Place at 3:02, according to Metro; but be there early, just in case.

The last Green Line train headed to Branch Avenue leaves Gallery Place at 2:55 AM. The last Green Line train to Greenbelt leaves Gallery Place at 3:16 AM.

The last Yellow Line train to Huntington leaves at 2:57 AM. To get to Fort Totten, take the Green Line.

Metro can be erratic sometimes, so ALWAYS get there before these times to avoid getting stranded. Go to metroopensdoors.com to see more.

Taking the Metro

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