Name? Brittney

SexFemme Fatale (mostly...)

What parts do you play? Trixie and Crew (I go on record as one of the few people who have thrown the scarf just right so that Frank can catch it during I'm Going Home...)

When did you join The Sonic Transducers? May 2019

What are you obsessed with? Watching cake/cookie frosting videos on Facebook until 2AM as a form of deep meditation.

What is your favorite sin? Lust and wrath, both feel good to give in to... sometimes at the same time...

What is your favorite Rocky Horror moment? The whole Touch-a Touch-a me song... especially the close up on Susan Sarandon's boobs.

Why did you join a Rocky Horror cast, you sick fuck? I joined after meeting some of the cast-members during a Shakespeare play that we were all working on. Once they found out I was a sick fuck, I was immediately asked to join crew.

Unlimited sex or unlimited tacosMy snotty, bitchy, Californian attitude says there is no way I'll find good tacos here so I might as well take endless dick... just don't fuck THAT up for me too, okay!?

Quick, say something about yourself! SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF!

What is your favorite word? I cycle through different words... right now I'm kinky for "lamentation."

What is your least-favorite word? Whatever my favorite word was last month... after I've said it 10000X. Next month's will be "lamentation."

What profession, other than your own, would you most like to attempt? Wouldn't it be great to get paid to act? Alack, alas...

What profession would you not like to tryBorder Patrol... or ICE agent... or anything having to do with the deliberate mistreatment of other humans (sorry, political statement over)

What is your favorite curse word? "Cock-Up"

If God exists, what would you like to hear Him/Her/It say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? I don't take personal offense to your skepticism.