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Name? Jake

Sex? Male

What parts do you play? Tech, Crew, and Rocky

When did you join The Sonic Transducers? November 2017

What are you obsessed with? Kitchen gadgets/tools

What is your favorite sin? Pre-marital hand holding

What is your favorite Rocky Horror moment? The ..... anticipation

Why did you join a Rocky Horror cast, you sick fuck? What better way to express myself then through song and dance?

Unlimited sex or unlimited tacos? Tacos is absolutely the correct answer here

Quick, say something about yourself! I love to cook

What is your favorite word? Pulchritudinous

What is your least-favorite word? I don't have a least favorite word

What profession, other than your own, would you most like to attempt? I think it would be super cool to be a stunt driver

What profession would you not like to try? Any profession that currently works for the White House administration

What is your favorite curse word? Fuck (you can use it in any context!)

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