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Name? Leandra

Sex? Female

What parts do you play? Magenta, Brad, Frank, Riff Raff, Eddie, Dr. Scott, Columbia, Transylvanian, Trixie, MC, Criminologist, Janet. I am also the cast leader! Talk to me if you want to join the cast!

When did you join The Sonic Transducers? June 2011? Is that even right? I've been doing Rocky since late 2004.

What are you obsessed with? Music

What is your favorite sin? Sloth, because OMG SLOTHS ARE ADORABLE!

What is your favorite Rocky Horror moment? The applause we got after RKO con for our music video.

Why did you join a Rocky Horror cast, you sick fuckI don't know... I've been doing it for a million years and I'm sure I had a great reason at the time. It was probably some teenage rebellion thing. I keep doing it for the money, the fame, and all the fringe benefits of dressing in my underwear in front of strangers.

Unlimited sex or unlimited tacos? Are they fish tacos? I'm just going to go with unlimited sex on this one.

Quick, say something about yourself! Stay in school. Do your homework. Learn Latin. Practice your long division. Eat your broccoli. Only talk to strangers if they look fabulous.

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